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+49 -(0)30 – 40 50 46 99 30

Telephone consultation hours:

Monday      3pm – 6pm
Tuesday   10am – 1pm
Thursday  10am – 1pm

We also gladly offer our counselling services at different times by appointment. You are welcome to send us an email.

In case of an emergency please contact the
Violence Against Women Support Hotline at +49 (0)8000 116 016

Human Rights for Women
Brunnenstraße 128
4th floor
13355 Berlin

Our facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Counselling Centre

Specialised Counselling Centre against Forced Marriage and Honour Related Violence

In a lot of honour cultures, girls and women are seen as bearers of the family honour. The families decide over their future and deny them a self-determined and free life. This honour related violence is committed by various family members individually or together and is therefore especially dangerous.

Honour related violence starts with rules, restrictions and threats to control women, which can then escalate to acts of emotional and physical violence. In extreme cases women become victims of forced marriages and honour killings.

The specialised counselling centre LANA supports women, who

  • are at risk or affected of a forced marriage
  • are afraid to be forcibly married abroad
  • are forbidden from going out
  • are being isolated by their families
  • have worries about their virginity
  • want to break out and live a self-determined life

We counsel in person, via telephone and online:

  • girls and women
  • friends
  • supporting relatives
  • anyone that wants to help
  • professionals
  • communities

Contact Information:

Phone number: 030 – 40 50 46 99 30
Mail: (online counselling and information)

You can find our counsellors at 13355 Berlin-Wedding on Brunnenstraße 128, 4th floor

The counselling is free and anonymous by request. Our facilities are wheelchair accessible.


We are an intercultural and interdisciplinary women's team, and offer our services in German and Turkish.


The counselling services of the LANA - Counselling Centre are supported by Aktion Mensch.

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