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+49 -(0)30 – 40 50 46 99 30

Telephone consultation hours:

Monday      3pm – 6pm
Tuesday   10am – 1pm
Thursday  10am – 1pm

We also gladly offer our counselling services at different times by appointment. You are welcome to send us an email.

In case of an emergency please contact the
Violence Against Women Support Hotline at +49 (0)8000 116 016

Human Rights for Women
Brunnenstraße 128
4th floor
13355 Berlin

Our facilities are wheelchair accessible.

TERRE DES FEMMES – Counselling Centre

Hand-in-HandA lot of girls and women have to suffer from violence in their lives. There are different kinds of emotional, physical and sexual violence.

TERRE DES FEMMES offers counselling specific to the following forms of violence against women and girls:

Domestic and Sexual Violence

We offer initial counselling and help you in the search for appropriate local support.

Female Genital Mutilation

Women who are affected by Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) receive a comprehensive counselling. We prepare statements about FGM as a form of gender based violence for legal issues. As prevention, we do educational work and counsel people who want to protect girls at risk.

Forced Marriage and Honour Related Violence

Affected women can find comprehensive counselling and support at the specialised counselling centre.


A lot of young women are under big pressure to prove their virginity on their wedding night. We clarify virginity myths and teach women how to handle these kinds of situations. You can contact us if you are affected or if you want to support someone you know being affected.

The intercultural team at the counselling centre offers psychosocial counselling specific to the current life situation of the woman. We search with you for opportunities to lead a self-determined and non-violent life.


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