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TERRE DES FEMMES – Human Rights for Women e.V. is a non-profit organisation, which campaigns for girls' and women's rights to an equal, free and self-determined life. Structurally, the association has had a full-time staff since 1990, which is governed by a board, and supported by thousands of members and volunteers like you.

Everyone can get involved in TERRE DES FEMMES! Volunteering is possible in a variety of forms and can fit all levels of commitment.

All full members of TERRE DES FEMMES can become members of an issue-based working group and/or attend the yearly meeting of the General Assembly. And though we encourage everyone to become a voting member of TERRE DES FEMMES, anyone can volunteer with a TDF local group, become a donor, or join our friends-association.

For employment openings or internship opportunities, please visit our German language website.


The annual General Assembly of full voting members is TERRE DES FEMMES' supreme governing body. Each spring, up to 2,100 members have the opportunity to come together, to meet and to exchange information about current activities, discuss their work and reflect on the past year. Through the use of elections and project applications, the General Assembly democratically determines TERRE DES FEMMES' future direction, campaign strategies and projects. Elections for the TDF board are held every two years, consisting of a maximum of five members who serve as the organisation's decisive governing body between assemblies.

To become a member of TERRE DES FEMMES, please fill in the application form.


There are currently 22 TERRE DES FEMMES city- and college groups that work to support and raise awareness for women's rights nationwide. These chapters work within TERRE DES FEMMES' topics and are integrated into the local women's rights networks in their areas. In cooperation with the main office, the groups raise awareness about women's rights violations by holding events, erecting information stands, organising lectures, conducting public petitions, producing media campaigns and engaging in local lobbying. TERRE DES FEMMES also has numerous individual volunteers who contribute to our work through activism and/or expertise.

For more information on each TDF local group, their events and contact details please visit our German language website.


Foto ©: Carla Stolle-BenekeFoto ©: Carla Stolle-Beneke

Engagement with specific issues can also take place by joining one of our five nationwide working-groups. Members of these groups have the opportunity to come together in order to discuss specific topics in detail, conduct in-depth research and exchange information with their fellow activists. The TDF working-groups are an integral part of the organisation because of their role in developing the association's information materials, official statements and political demands.

Usually, each working-group meets twice a year and reports to the department heads in the main office in Berlin. Furthermore, the results of their research efforts and conclusions drawn from their discussions are always presented to the General Assembly. The General Assembly may also vote to create a new working-group based on proposals presented during the yearly meetings. Currently, there are five TERRE DES FEMMES working groups:

  1. Trafficking in Women and Prostitution
  2. Female Genital Mutilation
  3. Women's Rights and Religion
  4. Forced Marriage
  5. Sexual Violence

Please note that all TERRE DES FEMMES activities and information materials are conducted and produced using German as the working language. Please see the German website for further information on all

areas of our work, and please note that all urgent-action campaigns are conducted exclusively in German. While everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate in TERRE DES FEMMES, a strong command of the German language is required. 

For more information on our TDF working-groups and their contact information, please visit our German language website.

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