Misogynistic Advertising is Structural Violence!

Sexist Advertising. © TERRE DES FEMMESAdvertising is an essential part of our daily life – on the streets, on the TV, on the internet. Advertising is everywhere. It influences our consumption habits, our feelings and our thinking, even if we do not notice it. Especially children are likely to be manipulated by advertisements. People are products of their environment – and ads are a big part of our environment.

To gain attention, companies often use pictures of partially naked women without any or hardly some concrete link to the product. „Sex sells“ is the generalised motto to get the customers’ attention.

Advertising today stereotypes women, for example by sexually objectifying them. This is especially problematic as the manner in which women are portrayed in advertisements is related to people’s ideas about the role of women in society.

Stereotyping gender roles in advertising is linked to negative attitudes towards women. This might lead to greater acceptance of sexual aggression against women and enhances rape myth acceptance. Furthermore, gender role stereotyping in advertisements may be injurious to women, as it spreads negative body images and the development of eating disorders

In order to end sexism and to build a society in which there is no gender TERRE DES FEMMES fights against misogynistic advertising – and you can join us!