Save the date: CHANGE Plus Final Conference in Berlin at 23th of November 2017

On the occasion of the international day „NO to violence against women!“ TERRE DES FEMMES organizes together with seven partners the final conference of the CHANGE Plus project. The CHANGE Plus project, which is co-funded by the EU, aims at training members of communities in Germany and Europe, in which FGM is practised, to further sensitize other community members for the consequences of FGM.

On November 23rd, the CHANGE Plus project will conclude with a final conference in Berlin. The CHANGE Agents and Champions will organize the final conference for a conclusion and evaluation and for an outlook on further effort to ending FGM together with the project partners. Representatives from the two West African associate partners, representatives from the EU Commission and many more guests will attend the conference.

The event will include keynote speeches, a panel discussion on the impact of the project as well as parallel roundtable discussions, which each focus on specific aspects of FGM, prevention strategies and project evaluation. Prior to the conference, at 9.30 a.m, the TERRE DES FEMMES flag campaign with focus on FGM on the subject „Protecting girls!“ is going to take place at the Brandenburg Gate next to the Representation of the European Commission.

The final conference on November 23rd will mark the end of the CHANGE Plus project, yet the effort to induce change in attitude and behaviour towards the practice and the joined commitment to ending FGM will continue.

News 07/2017

Fourth Coordination Meeting of the project “United to End FGM” in Rome

Uefgm Meeting in Rom 2017. Photo: © End FGMOn 6th and 7th of July the fourth coordination meeting of the project “United to End FGM: European Knowledge Platform for Professionals dealing with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)”, which is co-funded by the EU, took place with all eleven European cooperation partners in Rome. TERRE DES FEMMES coordinator Linda Ederberg took part in the conference as well.

The platform functions as a EU-wide, multilingual information and education forum about the topic FGM. The platform provides specific e-learning modules for different subject areas. Professionals, who get in touch with affected and endangered girls and women, can educate themselves further by means of particular e-learning modules in different areas from health to asylum and counselling cost-free and purchase a certificate. 

During the two-days meting in Rome the participants exchanged first experiences with the platform. How many people do use the platform? What’s working well? What can be improved? How will we proceed with the project?

The project partners – such as GAMS based in Belgium and AIDOS based in Italy – talked about first feedback regarding the platform. The aim of the meeting was the improvement of the different modules and to further adept to the specifics in the project countries. The partners further discussed the dissemination and endorsement by national and international partners. The cooperation with national supporters is important so that as much professionals as possible hear about the platform and use it.

At the conference in Rome the participants furthermore spoke about how the platform can be continued and used. The training and sensitization of professionals remains an important topic and is inevitable for overcoming female genital mutilation.

You can find more information about the project on the website


July 2017


Community barbecue: TERRE DES FEMMES celebrates with other NGOs and African Communities at Tempelhofer Feld

Photo: ©  TERRE DES FEMMESPhoto: © TERRE DES FEMMESOn 15th of July 2017 the Community barbecue took place at Temeplhofer Feld, organized by TERRE DES FEMMES together with UNICEF Berlin. Organizations as the Elisabeth Hospital Berlin, Deutsche AIDS Hilfe, Horizonte gGmbH, Mama Afrika e.V. and FaZIT Brandenburg participated actively in the event. African communities and interested persons were invited to come together. The CHANGE Agents from Berlin took part as well.

All participating organizations introduced themselves and their work in short speeches with expert Dr. Idah Nabateregga presenting TERRE DES FEMMES. Following the speeches the guests were able to speak with representatives of the participating organizations and learn about their activities and work. The exchange between the communities, which are target groups of the organizations, and the organizations themselves have been very fascinating and productive.

Together with her women’s group “Assobul” Sister Fa, musician and activist form Senegal, took care of the barbecue. They brought a rich buffet with meat and vegetables and different salads. Sister Fa also performed with her band and – people were dancing and celebrating.

UNICEF and Horizonte offered games and fun for the children. There were soap bubbles, quizzes and painting. Only late in the evening, after a rain shower, people left.

We thank all our partners, who have made this celebration possible, and all guests for coming!


July 2017


Berlin CHANGE Agents meet for the 8th exchange meeting of the CHANGE Plus project

Foto: © TERRE DES FEMMESFoto: © TERRE DES FEMMESOn 20th of July 2017 the CHANGE Agents of the CHANGE Plus project met for their 8th exchange meeting. The CHANGE Agents, who were trained to become multipliers in the fight against female genital mutilation last year, are now engaged to sensitize and inform in the African communities.

This Thursday afternoon the team CHANGE met to reflect about the last activities and talk about their work. In the meantime most of the CHANGE Agents already conducted so called behaviour change activities and gained some experience in how they can talk about the topic FGM in the communities effectively. In most of the communities FGM is still a taboo topic, about it is difficult to talk. The CHANGE Agents want to change the attitude towards FGM with talks and discussions.

Once again we thank the team CHANGE for their engagement and efforts in the fight against FGM!


July 2017

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