FLORIKA, Bulgaria – Prevention of the trafficking of women

Girls in the project FLORIKA wearing dresses they themselves produced in their sewing classes. Photo: © Andreas DauererGirls in the project FLORIKA wearing dresses they themselves produced in their sewing classes.
Photo: © Andreas Dauerer
Area of intervention: Bulgaria, city of Burgas at the black sea

Supported by TDF since: 2012

Target group: disadvantaged girls in the Roma-quarter in the city of Burgas


  • In the last years, a high proportion of the women being forced into prostitution in Germany and Europe come from Bulgaria
  • The girls and women in the region of Burgas experience a high risk of being trafficked
  • In Burgas about 8.000 people speaking Romani or Turkish are living in extreme poverty
  • 50 to 70% of these are jobless
  • Often, the girls are married at the age of 13 and then stop going to school
  • Often, parents leave their children in Bulgaria when they go to Germany or Europe to find a job

Project activities:

  • Pedagogic support of the girls and sensitisation work with the parents
  • Encouragement of the girls to finish school and to learn a profession (support with homework, looking for a job)
  • Campaigns against trafficking of women, information for girls and parents
  • Education of the girls about their rights
  • Pedagogic classes: dancing, cooking, drawing, doing handicrafts, photography, and sewing
  • Organisation of excursions and performances to take action against the exclusion of Roma-girls


  • The social work, the pedagogues especially aim at training the girls in skills they don’t learn at home:
    • Be conscious about one’s one wishes and needs
    • Reflect on one’s goals in life and to pursue these
    • Strengthening the girls’ self-confidence
  • In 2014 and 2015 no girl in the project dropped out of school, 8 girls continued their studies after the 8th grade
  • None of the girl has been forced to marry or trafficked into prostitution

Project leader: NGO “Roma-Union” Burgas

Voluntary project coordinator Juliane von Krause (bulgarien@frauenrechte.de)
or TERRE DES FEMMES – section international cooperation (iz@frauenrechte.de)

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