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Godula Kosack visiting the vocational college in Makandai (2013). Photo: © Jürgen KunzeGodula Kosack visiting the vocational college in Makandai (2013).
Photo: © Jürgen Kunze

“If there would have been this project earlier, it could have helped me, too. I would have liked to go to school longer and to have a vocational qualification, but I was lacking the funds for this. I had to marry early. Now, I stand up for the girls in my village so that they get a chance”
Member of AFFMHL, in her early twenties and mother of two children
Area of intervention: Mandara-Mountains in the North of Cameroon

Supported by TDF since: 2012

Target group: Mafa-Girls in the North of Cameroon


  • The women in the north of Cameroon live in a strictly patriarchal society
  • In some villages up to 100% of the female population is illiterate
  • Going to school is expensive and the ways are very long, therefore mostly only the boys go to school
  • The Mafa live in the Mandara-mountains in the north of Cameroon, their population number is estimated to be about 400.000
  • Normally, the girls get (forced to) marry when they turn 15, mostly to men of the age of their fathers
  • About half of the Mafa-men are married to more than one women
  • Women don’t have the right to own land and don’t have any possibility to live independently

Project activities:

  • Scholarships for the funding of school and trainings to offer girls and women economic and personal autonomy
  • Payment of educational material and school clothing for girls in need
  • Help women who were forced to marry to find a new way of living
  • These girls and women should become role models for the rest of the communities


  • Some girls were able to finish primary school, later TDF supported them to pursue a vocational training
  • In the school term of 2014/15, TDF paied for the education of 35 girls
  • In 2015/16 this was raised to 45
  • AFFMHL generally works for empowerment of the girls, for example when their parents want to keep their daughters from going to school

Contacts: Voluntary project coordinator Godula Kosack (
or TERRE DES FEMMES – section international cooperation (


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