Lakia Association for the Improvement of Women’s Status, Israel/Palestine – Empowerment of women through education

Naama AlSana, the director of the Desert Embroidery Project and Asmaa AlSana, the executive director of Lakia. Photo: © Ines FischerNaama AlSana, the director of the Desert Embroidery Project and Asmaa AlSana, the executive director of Lakia. Photo: © Ines FischerArea of intervention: the Bedouin settlement Laika, close to Beersheba, Israel

Supported by TDF since: 2003

Target group: Bedouin women


  • Since the beginning of the Israel-Palestine-Conflict and the planned use of the Negev desert, Bedouin people were forced to settle
  • Most Bedouin people now life in small villages or unofficial, “illegalized” settlements, which are not supported by the Israeli state and not connected to any infrastructure
  • The living conditions of women are particularly difficult: they belong to a Muslim minority in Israel, they live in a patriarchal and religiously conservative society, they are less educated then men, the change of living conditions minimize their movement capacity

Project activities:

  • Empowerment and educational work of and for women
  • Discussion rounds for girls and women
  • Support program for Bedouin children in schools in that region, holiday courses for children
  • A mobile library that tours through the Bedouin settlements


  • Even though there was resistance within the Bedouin community in the beginning, Lakia now is an established and well-known organisation
  • Especially the empowerment of young Bedouin women was successful: more Bedouin girls then ever go to school or study in the town of Beersheba
  • Also the mobile library is very effective: more than 3.440 kids have access to books every month and take these home to their mothers and families
  • The intercultural cooperation has been strengthened during the last two years: several meetings of Lakia and a Kibbutz close by were taking place in order to encourage inter-religious exchange

Project leader: Asmaa AlSana

Contacts: Voluntary project coordinator Ines Fischer (
or TERRE DES FEMMES – section international cooperation (


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