APDF, Mali - shelter against violence for girls and women

Fatoumata Siré Diakité, founder of APDF, with a co-worker from the shelter Photo: © TERRE DES FEMMESFatoumata Siré Diakité, founder of APDF, with a co-worker from the shelter Photo: © TERRE DES FEMMES

"For me, the fight for women’s rights is a fight against injustice, arbitrariness and absurdity. By violating the Human Rights from more than half of humanity, meaning girls and women, the world renounces from a holistic and continuous development." – Fatoumata Siré Diakité
Area of intervention: Shelter in Bamako, Mopti and other locations all over Mali

Supported by TDF since: 2009

Target group: girls and women affected by violence


  • Mali is one of the poorest countries in Africa
  • About half of the people live under the poverty line
  • Yearly, there is a growth in population of about 3% which is extremely challenging for the economy
  • From 2012-2014, Mali suffered from a conflict where the president was overthrown and armed groups tried to install an Islamist domination
  • Until today, the situation is insecure and especially women suffer under the unsolved war crimes
  • Women have a very difficult stand due to the conflict and discrimination in the education
  • On average, a women gives birth to 6.4 children
  • About 55% of the girls marry before they turn 18, forced marriage is common
  • Nearly 89% of the girls and women suffer under FGM
  • According to the organisation ONE, Mali is on the 3rd spot of the listing where girls have the most difficult life worldwide

Project activities:

  • Protection from violence and shelter
  • Medical, psychological and legal consultation for affected women
  • Educational and lobbying work
  • Vocational training for income-generating measures
  • Support of women gaining economic independence


  • Since its start 25 years ago, APDF has helped more than 3000 girls and women
  • With the help of a private donator, APDF build a shelter house in 2009/2010
  • The support from TDF mostly aims at ensuring the care for the girls and women looking for help in the shelter
  • Between July, 2015 and January, 2016 on average 16 girls stayed in the shelter
  • In total, 103 cases were taken care of during that time
  • APDF is not only helping the girls and women in need, they also follow the legal procedures until the women have gotten their full rights

Project leader: Fatoumata Siré Diakité

Contacts: TERRE DES FEMMES – section international cooperation (


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