MIRIAM, Nicaragua – For a life free from violence

Graduates of the MIRIAM-school. Photo: © MIRIAMGraduates of the MIRIAM-school. Photo: © MIRIAM

Our work is important because we give a voice to women living through different forms of violence: violence in the relationship, sexual violence and exploitation, economic violence, and human trafficking.“
Hilda Saldaña
Area of intervention: regions Estelí, Managua, Matagalpa in Nicaragua

Supported by TDF since: 2012

Target group: girls and women affected by violence in a delicate financial position


  • Nicaragua is the second poorest land of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Violence against women is deeply rooted in the patriarchal norm of society and in the societal structures
  • Statistically, 13 rapes a day are reported to the police, the unreported numbers are probably higher
  • Abortion is illegal, even if the pregnancy is dangerous for the mother
  • These experiences of violence really endanger the physical and psychological health
  • Even though, there are laws for the protection of women, these are still not enough implemented and women don’t know sufficiently about their rights

Project activities:

  • Consultation and education about the rights of women
  • Psychological and juridical support of women with experiences of violence
  • Literacy, primary school, and vocational classes
  • Educational work, seminaries, workshops
  • Projects for the prevention and prosecution of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and child labour
  • Political lobbying and public relations
  • Scholarships for university studies


  • In the last 25 years, MIRIAM supported over 31.000 girls, boys, women and men

Project leader: Yolanda Acuña Urbina

Contacts: Voluntary project coordinator Wencke Loesener (
or TERRE DES FEMMES – section international cooperation (


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